MS Football 18-19 Schedule

8th Grade Coach: Wes Franklin
7th Grade Coach: Josh Goodman

Batchelor Ms 14-Aug 6:00 PM
Home 20-Aug 6:00 PM
Home 29-Aug 5:30 PM
North Knox 11-Sep 6:00 PM
Terre Haute 13-Sep 6:00 PM
Home 18-Sep 6:00 PM
North Clay 25-Sep 5:30 PM
Home 29-Sep 10:00 AM
N. Daviess 2-Oct 6:00 PM
Bedford  4-Oct 6:00 PM


Game Updates

The Miners hosted the West Vigo Vikings this past Saturday.  The Vikings came into the contest undefeated on the season, while the Miners are 5-1.

The Miners would receive the opening kick, but struggled to maintain a drive.  Things go worse when the long snap on 4th down sailed over the punter's head. West Vigo would take over on the 1 yard line and score two plays later.  The Vikings led 6-0.  The Miners wouldn't waste too much time knotting up the score.  Hunter Johns would bust through for a 67 yard TD run.  The score was 6-6.West Vigo would strike late in the 1st quarter after converting two 3rd and long plays. The Vikings led 12-6. The Vikings would recover the onside kick.  Luckily, Wrigley Franklin would cause a fumble a few plays later.  Jaxon Walker recovered the fumble.  Logan Walker would break free for a 63 yard run.  Mason Cooper would score from 2 yards out on the next play.  Miners knotted it up 12-12.  The Miners would play great defense and drive the ball down the field only to fail to score.  West Vigo would take advantage on a long TD run.  They would convert the 2 point conversion to take a 20-12 lead.  Logan Walker would take the kickoff 74 yards for a TD to bring the Miners within 2.  The Vikings led 20-18 at the half. The Miners would once again lose track of West Vigo's running back for another long TD run.  The Vikings led 26-18.  The Miners would fumble a few plays later to give West Vigo another opportunity to extend their lead.  West Vigo would score with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.  The Vikings led 32-18.   The Miners would strike again when Hunter Gennicks connected with Logan Walker for an 88 yard TD pass.  Gennicks would find Jordan Cullum for the 2 point conversion.  The Miners brought the score to 26-32.  The Miners would struggle maintaining their next 2 drives.  With less than 1 minute to go in the game the Miners would come up with a huge special teams play.  Logan Jerrells blocks the Viking punt and recovers the ball with 52 seconds to play.  The Miners would fight down to the 31 yard line when Hunter Gennicks connects with Jaxon Walker for the game tying TD as time expires.  With the score knotted 32-32, Gennicks would once again find Jordan Cullum in the back of the endzone for the game winning 2 point conversion.  The Miners won 34-32.  Offensively, the Miners were led by Logan Walker's 272 yards of total offense along with 2 touchdowns.  Hunter Gennicks would throw for 224 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Logan Walker would lead all receivers with 2 catches for 102 yards.  Jordan Cullum chipped in 68 yards receiving, while Jaxon Walker added 40 yards receiving. Hunter Johns chipped in 88 yards rushing and a score.  The defense was led by Wrigley Franklin, who had a season high 16 tackles.  Jaxon Walker, Brayden Stremming, Logan Jerrells, and Mason Cooper each chipped in 4-6 tackles.  Aiden Giles would only have 3 tackles, but each were tackles for a loss.  The Miners are 6-1 on the season.  They will finish their season next week with games against North Daviess and Bedford North Lawrence.
The 7th grade entered the game struggling to maintain a consistent effort.  West Vigo would strike first with a 65 yard kick return for a TD, but a clipping penalty brought the ball bacj out to the 20 yard line.  The Miners would get the ball back two plays later when Nolan Delph intercepted the Viking pass.  Both teams would struggle on offense on the next few possessions until Ty Boyd intercepts a Viking pass and returns it 26 yards for a TD.  The Miners led 6-0.  The Vikings would strike back taking the lead 8-6 after a 56 yard TD run and a successful 2 point conversion.  The Miners would a strike back with their own 56 yard TD.  Ty Boyd connected with Nolan Delph on the TD pass.  The Miners led 14-8.  The rest of the 1st half was a series of missed opportunities for the Miners.  The Miners would have 3 turnovers in the 1st half, but still held on to a 14-8 lead.  The Miners would struggle to maintain a drive to start the 2nd half.  The Vikings would score a few plays into their first possession of the 2nd half.  The score was knotted 14-14.  The Miners would drive the ball near midfield when misfortune struck again.  The Miners fumbled the ball near midfield.  The Vikings would strike again on a 52 yard TD pass. The Vikings took a 22-14 lead.  The Miners would have two more opportunities to score, but missed blocks and penalties would leave the Miners without a score.  West Vigo won 22-14.  Offensively the Miners were led by Ty Boyd's 106 yards passing and 71 yards rushing.  Nolan Delph would chip in 76 yards receiving, while Bob Ceol added another 31 yards rushing.  Defensively, Ty Boyd led the Miners with 12 tackles, 2 interceptions, and a forced fumble.  Bob Ceol chipped in 5 tackles, while Hunter Heacox added 4 tackles and a forced fumble.  The 7th graders fall to 1-6 on the season.  
The Miners will play @ North Daviess on Tuesday, October 2nd.
The Miners will finish their season @ Bedford on Thursday, October 4th.

The Miners hosted the Sullivan Arrows last Tuesday, September 18th at The Roy.  
The 7th grade started the night.  The Miners got off to a great start when Nolan Delph busted through for an 85 yard TD run. The Miners led 6-0.  The Miners were outstanding on the first couple Arrow possessions.  They caused 2 turnovers and forced the Arrows to punt.  Unfortunately, mental errors on offense caused the Miners to struggle maintaining and finishing drives.  The Arrows would score on their last possession of the 1st quarter on a reverse.  Although the Miners had some bright spots, the Arrows dominated the scoreboard for the rest of the game.  The final score was 37-6 in favor of the Arrows.  The Miners were led on offense by Nolan Delph's 101 yards rushing.  Ty Boyd chipped in 58 yards rushing, while Bob Ceol had 32 yards rushing.  Defensively, the Miners were led by Ty Boyd and Nolan Delph.  They both tallied 7 tackles apiece.  Hunter Heacox chipped in 5 tackles, a forced fumble, and a fumble return.  Christian Shonk and Aden Davis chipped in 4 tackles apiece.  The Miners are now 1-5.
The 8th graders followed the 7th grade game.  The first half saw the Miners struggle with turnovers.  Their lone first half score was by Logan Walker.  He ran for a 12 yard TD.  Hunter Johns converted the extra point.  Miners led 8-0.  Defensively, the Miners played great defense in the first half.  The 2nd half was a different story.  The Miners would take their opening drive 46 yards after a great kick return from Logan Walker.  Hunter Johns would score a few plays later on a 22 yard trap play.  Wrigley Franklin's trap block in combination with great downfield blocking by Aiden Giles and Brady Cox contributed to the score.  The Miners led 16-0.  The Miner defense continued its strong play forcing the Arrows into a turnover.  Logan Jerrells would score a few plays later on a 17 yard TD run.  The Miners led 22-0.  The Arrows fought back scoring on a 1 yard run to bring the score to 22-6.  The Miners answered back with a 38 yard TD pass from Hunter Gennicks to Blake House.  The Miners led 30-6.  The Miners would score their last TD on a 41 yard TD run by Logan Walker.  The Miners won 36-6.  The 8th graders are now 5-1 on the season.  Offensively, the Miners were led by Logan Walker's 106 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Brayden Stremming ran for 83 yards rushing, while Hunter Johns chipped in 67 yards.  Mason Cooper and Logan Jerrells each had over 25 yards rushing.  Hunter Gennicks passed 123 yards.  He preferred targets were Blake House and Jordan Cullum.  Defensively, the Miners were led by Mason Cooper.  Cooper had 12 tackles and 2 sacks on the night.  Wrigley Franklin chipped in 7 tackles, while Logan Jerrells had 6 tackles and a sack.  Travis Figg had 3 tackles, caused a fumble, and recovered a fumble.  Canaan Bowers also had a sack.  The defensive backfield of Blake House, Jaylen Dierdorf, Logan Walker, and Jaxon Walker shut down the Arrow passing attack.

The Miners had a busy week last week with 2 games.  On Tuesday, September 11th the Miners traveled to North Knox.  On Thursday, September 13th the Miners hosted Terre Haute North.
Tuesday, September 11th
The 8th grade played the first game against North Knox.  The Miners won 40-6.  The Miners record is 4-0.  Logan Walker led the team with 3 carries for 160+ yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.  Logan Jerrells chipped in 50+ yards on 2 carries.  Hunter Gennicks connected with Blake House for a 50+ yard TD pass.  Hunter Johns also scored a TD.  The defense was led by Wrigley Franklin, Hunter Gennicks, and Logan Jerrells.  Franklin had 8 tackles, while Gennicks and Jerrells chipped in 7 tackles apiece. Brady Cox had an interception. 
The 7th grade played the second game of the evening.  The Miners were without their starting and back up quarterbacks, so things were not a smooth as usual.  The Miners lost 20-14.  Bob Ceol and Nolan Delph each had nearly 100 yards rushing.  Defensively, Bob Ceol led the Miners with 9 tackles.  Hunter Heacox chipped 7 tackles.  The Miners are 1-3.
On Thursday, September 13th the Miners hosted Terre Haute North.
The 7th grade started the evening.  Terre Haute won 24-12 over the Miners.  The Miners dominated the time of possession, but they struggled scoring.  The offense was led by Ty Boyd, Nolan Delph, and Bob Ceol.  The defense was led by Chrsitian Shonk, Bob Ceol, and Ty Boyd.
The 8th grade game was a clash of two very talented teams.  Terre Haute had great athletes with great speed.  The Miners got off to a poor start by losing the ball on an onside kick.  The Miners would force the Patriots into 3rd and 4th a long situations, but the speed and power from their starting running back seemed to break free for just enough yards to sustain the drive.  Terre Haute finally scored taking an 8-0 lead.  The Miners started off with a solid drive, but the speed and aggressiveness of the Terre Haute linebackers gave the Miners trouble.  On 3rd and 8 the Miners booted toward their sideline only to fumble the ball.  Terre Haute returned the fumble 71 yards for the TD.  The Patriots led 14-0.  The Miners would once again force themselves into a 4th and long situation  Terre Haute returned the punt 58 yards to take a commanding 20-0 lead.  Although the Miners committed an array of uncharacteristic mistakes, they didn't lose focus and drove the length of the field. Hunter Gennicks connected with Logan Walker for 24 yard TD pass.  The Miners closed the gap 20-8.  Unfortunately, Terre Haute's running back would break free for a 63 yard TD run on another 3rd and long situation.  The Patriots went into the half with a commanding 28-8 lead.  The second half saw the Miners step up to the speed and athleticism displayed by Terre Haute North.  The Miners would begin the half by recovering an onside kick.  The Miners would march 46 yards and score on a run by Logan Walker.  The Miners closed in 28-16. The Miner defense would hold strong on the next series forcing the Patriots to turn the ball over on downs near midfield.  Hunter Gennicks would connect with Jaxon Walker on a long pass to get the ball inside the 20 yard line.  Unfortunately, the Miners threw an interception 2 plays later.  The Patriots would drive the length of the field only to turn the ball over inside the 5 yard line.  After a couple bad snaps, the Miners would lose the ball out of the back of the endzone.  The safety put the Patriots up 30-16.  The Miners would have one more long drive that should have ended in a score, but the Patriot defense made a big play on a 4th and short situation.  The 8th graders suffered their first loss as a MS team... 30-16.  The Miners are 4-1 on the season... 13-1 as a MS team.  Logan Walker, Jaxon Walker, Blake House, and Jordan Cullum each had great receptions, while Hunter Gennicks eclipsed the 200 yard mark in passing.  Mason Cooper, Wrigley Franklin, and Logan Jerrells led the defense with double digit tackles. Each had multiple tackles for loss. Blake House chipped in 7 tackles as well.  Although this was a loss, it was a hard fought loss that saw the Miners rise to the level of competition as the game progressed.  If not for some untimely mistakes, this game could have went right down to the wire.  Terre Haute had a very talented team with a few players that were top tier level athletes for this age group.

August 29, 2018  Linton Miners vs. Washington Hatchets

7th Grade Game:
The 7th grade Miners came into the matchup 0-2.  Losing close games to much larger schools.  The Miners were primed to get their 1st victory.  The Miners got things started by taking their opening drive 68 yards down the field.  Ty Boyd scored on a 1 yard run.  The Miners led 6-0.  After two 3rd and long conversions, the Hatchets answered back knotting the score at 6-6.  The Miners answered back with another long drive.  Christian Shonk scored on a 3 yard run.  The Miners led 14-6.  At the half, the Miners led 14-6.  The 2nd half saw the emergence of Bob Ceol as another capable back for the 7th grade.  On the Miners 1st possession, Bob busted through for a 30 yard TD run.  The Miners led 20-6.  The Hatchets answered with a scoring drive of their own.  The score was 20-12.  Early in the 4th quarter, the Miners found the endzone again when Bob Ceol scored from 5 yards out.  The Miners led 26-12.  The Hatchets scored another TD late in the 4th quarter to bring the final score to 26-18.  This was the 1st victory of the season for the 7th grade Miners.  The offense was led by Bob Ceol's 88 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns.  Nolan Delph chipped in 61 yards rushing, while Ty Boyd added 45 yards rushing.  The defense was led by Ty Boyd, who tallied 11 tackles and a sack.  Bob Ceol added 8 tackles and a sack, while Ashton White and Christian Shonk chipped in 5 tackles a piece.  The Miners move their record to 1-2 on the year.
The 8th graders came a little sluggish against the Hatchets.  The Miners took their opening drive 62 yards culminating in a 40 yard TD run by Hunter Johns.  The miners led 6-0.  The Miners defense looked strong initially, but a Miner turnover gave the Hatchets great field position.  The Hatchets would score a few plays later on a 22 yard TD pass.  The score was knotted at 6-6 going into the 2nd quarter.  The 2nd quarter saw the Miners explode for 38 unanswered points.  Logan Walker started the 2nd quarter with a 13 yard TD run. Logan Jerrells recovered a fumble in the endzone on the next Hatchet possession.  The Miners led 24-6 midway through the 2nd quarter.  After a Hunter Gennicks interception, Mason Cooper scored on a 4 yard TD run.  The Miners led 30-6.  Hunter Johns picked off another Hatchet pass.  Brayden Stremming would score from 12 yards out with about 2 minutes left in the 1st half.  The Miners led 38-6.  Blake House would intercept the next pass by the Hatchets.  Hunter Gennicks connected with House two plays later for a 53 yard TD.  The Miners led 44-6 at the half.  The second half had a running clock due to the lopsided score.  Jaxon Walker scored on a 15 yard TD run in the 3rd quarter.  Miners led 52-6.  Early in the 4th quarter, Blake House scored the las Miner TD on a 16 yard run.  The Miners won 60-6.  Offensively, the Miners were led by Blake House who caught 2 passes for 76 yards and ran for 27 yards on 2 carries.  He also scored 2 touchdowns.  Hunter Johns had 45 yards rushing, while Jaxon Walker chipped in 52 yards on 4 carries.  Logan Walker had 43 yards rushing on 4 carries.  Hunter Gennicks struggled passing the ball early, but finished 4/8 for 86 yards and 1 TD.  Defensively, the Miners were led by Jaxon Walker's 10 tackles.  Wrigley Franklin and Travis Figg chipped in 6 tackles each.  Blake House, Hunter Johns, and Hunter Gennicks each had interceptions.  The 8th grade is now 3-0.
Both teams are off until Tuesday, September 11th.  The Miners will travel to North Knox.

On Monday, August 20th, the Miners hosted a team from Terre Haute South.

The 7th grade started the evening.  The Miners won the toss and elected to receive the football.  The Miners initial drive was very successful.  Ty Boyd, Nolan Delph, and Tristan York had some great runs before Christian Shonk punched it in from 1 yard out for the Miners 1st score.  The Miners led 6-0.  Unfortunately, the Miner defense struggled getting key stops on 3rd and long to keep Terre Haute from scoring.  The score was knotted 6-6.  The Miners next drive started well, but a fumble ended the drive.  Terre Haute continued their success on 3rd down until they scored on a long run.  Terre Haute led 14-6.  The rest of the half saw the Miners unable to string together a good drive together.  The Miners were down 6-14 at the half.  The second half started poorly for the Miners when the defense gave up another long TD run.  Terre Haute led 20-6.  Late in the 3rd quarter the Miners struck when Ty Boyd threw a 52 yard TD pass to Nolan Delph.  The Miners closed the gap... 12-20.  Midway through the 4th quarter, Terre Haute scored their final TD on a 48 yard run.  The Miners were unable to find the endzone again... they lost 26-12.  Ty Boyd and Nolan Delph led the offense with great play from the QB and RB position.  Defensively, the Miners struggled.  Colton McKinnon and Bob Ceol made some big plays from their OLB position, while Ty Boyd and Christian Shonk made some big plays from the ILB position.  Although the 7th grade is 0-2, they show promise.  Unfortunately, turnovers and inconsistent effort have plagued them in their first two games of the year.
The 8th entered this game looking for some serious competition.  Terre Haute didn't disappoint.  With an offensive and defensive line that had multiple players over 225 lbs.  The Miners would have their work cut out for them.  The Miners elected to receive the opening kickoff.  It wouldn't take long for the Miners to strike.  Blake House took the opening kickoff 74 yards for a TD.  The Miners led 6-0.  The 8th grade defense would bend on the opening series, but they refused to break.  This would be the story for the rest of the night.  The Miners struggled to block the enormous line from Terre Haute.  Luckily, the Miners were able to grind out one more scoring drive in the 1st half.  After a Blake House interception, House would haul in a 46 yard TD pass from Hunter Gennicks. At the half the Miner led 12-0.  The second would see 2 defenses dominating the opponents offense.  Throughout the 3rd quarter both defenses kept the opponents offenses out of the endzone.  The Braves were able to score on a 62 yard fumble return.  At the end of the 3rd quarter the Miners were still on top 12-6.  Early in the 4th quarter Hunter Johns intercepted a pass in the flats and returned it 22 yards for the TD.  The Miners led 18-6.  Late in the 4th quarter, Jaxon Walker would notch another interception.  Offensively, the Miners struggled.  The passing game was solid.  Blake House and Jordan Cullum had some big catches, while Hunter Gennicks had some great throws to extend drives.  Defensively, The Miners were led by Wrigley Franklin, Logan Jerrells, Mason Cooper, and Hunter Johns. Johns also had a forced fumble and and interception.   House and Walker each had one interception.The Miners move their record to 2-0 on the season.  
The Miners will host Washington next Wednesday, August 29th. Game starts at 5:30.

The Miners opened their season at Batchelor MS in Bloomington, IN.  The 7th grade started off the evening.  The Miners got off to a strong start with a 68 yard drive culminating with Ty Boyd charging in from the 1 yard line for their 1st score of the year.  The extra point was no good.  Batchelor answered back with a long TD on a QB sweep.  The score was tied 6-6.  The next series saw the Miners face their first adversity of the year.  On 3rd and 8, Boyd rolled out and threw an interception.  Batchelor returned it inside the 10 yard line.  They scored a few plays later bringing the score to 14-6.  Missed blocks, bad snaps, and miscommunication doomed on the Miners next drive two drives.  Batchelor took advantage of their mistakes by taking a 20-6 lead going into halftime.  The Miners pushed through the early struggles to play a solid second half.  Christian Shonk would score midway through the 3rd quarter on a 2 yard run.  The Miners would strike again early in the 4th quarter when Ty Boyd connected with Aden Davis for a 10 yard touchdown pass.  The Miners narrowed the gap to 32-22 with a few minutes left in the game.  The Miners wouldn't see the endzone again.  They lost 32-22.  

On offense the Miners were lead by Ty Boyd, who ran for 81 yards on 13 carries.  He also ran and threw for a touchdown.  Nolan Delph chipped in with 61 yards on 7 carries.  Christian Shonk chipped in 31 yards and a score.  Aden Davis caught passes for 21 yards and a touchdown
The defense was led by Ty Boyd who tallied 8 tackles.  Nolan Delph chipped in 6 tackles, while Christian Shonk added 4 tackles.  
The 8th grade game followed the 7th graders.  The 8th graders got of to a strong start with a 62 yard drive that ended with Hunter Gennicks diving in for the TD from 1 yard out.  The Miners led 8-0.  The next Miner possession was also successful.  Hunter Gennicks connected with Mason Cooper on a 25 yard touchdown pass.  The Miners led 16-0 early in the 2nd quarter.  Once again the defense forced Batchelor into a 3 and out.  The Miners struck again when Gennicks connected with Jordan Cullum for a 20 yard TD pass.  The Miners led 22-0.  Late in the 4th quarter Logan Jerrells sacked the QB to turn the ball over to the Miners with 6 seconds left in the 1st half.  On the last play of the half, Gennicks connected with Cullum on a 38 yard TD pass.  The Miners led 30-0 at the half.  The 2nd half was more of the same.  The Miners continued to control the clock on the ground.  Late in the 3rd quarter, Logan Jerrells scored on a 46 yard TD run.  The Miners led 36-0.  A running clock in the 4th quarter limited the Miner possessions, but the defense continued to dominate that side of the ball.
Offensively, the Miners were led by Hunter Gennicks and his 3 passing TDs.  He also threw for 138 yards and ran for a score.  Jordan Cullum led the receiving corps with 3 catches for 76 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Logan Jerrells led the rushing attack with 80 yards on 3 carries.  He also scored one TD.  Blake House contributed over 60 through 2 catches and a rushing attempt.  The offensive line of Wrigley Franklin, Brady Cox, Aidan Giles, Nathan Watson, and Kayden Anderson dominated the line of scrimmage.
Defensively, the Miners were dominant.  As a unit, they gave up less than 100 yards total offense and only 3 first downs.  Mason Cooper, Wrigley Franklin, Hunter Johns, and Logan Jerrells led the defense with 6-8 tackles a piece.  Jerrells, Cooper, Franklin, and Canaan Bowers did an excellent job forcing a very athletic QB to scramble and get rid of the ball before he was ready.  
The 8th grade is attempting to be the 1st MS team to go undefeated and untied throughout their 7th and 8th grade years.
Both teams will play their home opener this Monday, August 20th vs. Terre Haute.

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